Don’t judge gate valves by their name since it is not used in gates or doors but in gearboxes. Instead, the gate valve is an essential component behind the walls and under the ground somewhere in the network of pumps, pipes, and valves that are constantly on a role to maintain the functioning of your spaces.

These internal parts that a gate valve gearbox manufacturer makes are essential to maintain the liquid and gas flow through several pipes. This article is an attempt to take you into the world of valves through the gate valve. Let us get on the journey to explore different types.

What is a Gate Valve?

Also known as knife valves, gate valves play a significant role in controlling the liquid or gas that flows via pipes. These valves offer a considerable size or space advantage over other valves in terms of the space allotment between flanges of the pipes to house the valve.

Gate valves are available in several sizes to suit the applications inclusive of slurries, heavy oils, varnish, light grease, honey, molasses, cream, and more viscous liquids which are non-flammable in nature. However, these valves have pressure limitations, and a valve gearbox manufacturer does not recommend them for applications that need sanitary or hygienic conditions.

What Are the Types of Gate Valves?

Generally, gate valves from leading manufacturers like Viral Industries are classified into two types, namely parallel and wedge-shaped gate valves.

Parallel Gate Valves

Upstream and downstream, the two parallel seats of this gate valve house a flat disc gate. The liquid pressure behaving either on the floating seat or the disc controls the strength that presses the disc against the parallel seat. If there is a twin disc, the mechanical pressure from the disc mechanism will influence the strength.

Thanks to the disc sliding through the face of the seat, these gate valves can handle liquids carrying solids. In addition, they have minimal resistance to flow. Parallel gate valves manufactured by Viral Industries are popular among applications wherein a tight shutoff is not essential.


Wedge Gate Valves

A wedge-shaped disc seat is at odds with two inclined seats in this gate valve type. They are popularly used in applications with turbulent applications like steam service. The wedge’s shape enables precision control of the fluid’s direction and flow rate. A thin metal slice, also known as a wedge, gives way to gas or fluid in case the valve is open. On the contrary, a closed valve will restrict the liquid flow.

These valves are popular in applications that require the gate valve to either be completely open or completely closed. Wedge gate valves can be classified into solid and flexible wedges.

Wrapping Up

Gate valves host several different names, including knife, slide, and sluice valves. They perform exceptionally well where a shutoff valve is required, as they are made to reduce the pressure drop in the entire valve while maintaining an open position, ultimately stopping the liquid flow entirely.

Quality gate valves from Viral Industries are popularly used in chemical, oil and gas, power generation, mining, water treatment, pharmaceutical industry, and more.